OPI NL T23 - Are We There Yet? - Arrived in the spring

Good day, lovely girls!
I suggest you go on a trip to America since the fall of 2011.
Let's go

OPI - Touring America - NL T23 - Are We There Yet? (Well, have you arrived?)

OPI opens up new horizons of color and classic style in the Traveling America collection. Inspired by the vastness of the United States and the cities where history and neoclassic have merged, the twelve shades of the collection provide a choice between deliberate glamor and sophisticated elegance.
“My last trip around the country really inspired me and gave me the idea to create this collection,” says Susie Weiss-Fishman, art director of OPI. “Autumn is a time to rediscover your style, and these shades seem to enliven the classics. Ideal for in the fall, they will help create a unique image - from cold lilac, khaki and chocolate to warm pink, peach and red - each color subtly conveys the mood of a carefree trip. "
Detailed opinion:
I'm lucky for the OPI shades with a nanoshimmer. Beautiful, fashionable orange (although on the Internet they write about it, coral, who saw corals - tell me).
A beautiful shimmer in a bottle bravely shimmers with pink and gold particles, cowardly hides on the nails and is shown only with a bright sun. Well, God bless him, I really like this color, I have one such one, so I'm not upset by the "cowardly" particles.
The quality of OPI varnish is the quality of OPI varnish, gorgeous !!! I love their incredibly comfortable brush, delicate texture (in this shade you need 3 layers to cover the tip of the nail, but I still wear 2 out of habit).
With a new top of Ur, I finally bought it, it lasts 3 days, the ends are slightly wiped, if you often wash the dishes

Price: 455 rubles.
Rating: 5. (he's done)
Thanks for attention! Katya.

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