Good day, lovely girls!
Like many girls, I decided to try on a shade of turquoise that is fashionable this season.

For makeup I needed:
1. DiorSkine Poudre Libre 003 /
2. Base under the shade from Vivienne Sabo.
3. Mascara Cabaret VIVIENNE SABO No. 01.
4. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish "Soft and Gentle".
5. Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder Long Lasting No. 01
6. DIOR 5-color iridicent eyeshadow No. 609
7. Black pencil CHAMBOR No. 01
8. VOV Eyeshadow Code Color No. 1100
9. Mac FluidLine B21 DipDown
Let's go
Put a golden shadow in the inner corner
I put a turquoise hue on the outer corner (I see the turquoise surface of the pool in it)

I shade the crease with a medium brown hue, extinguish. At the same time, half of the turquoise is fading, which I do not like
Add a turquoise hue, gently extinguish the border (to maintain brightness).
I summarize the upper eyelid with the gel eyeliner and the lower eyelid with a mixed pigment from a black pencil and a medium brown shadow (first I put the pigment on the beveled brush and then draw a little shadow).
I paint my eyelashes with mascara (Cabaret afflicts me, but as it says in bezrybe)

I would never have thought that I would use such shades in makeup, but when I tried it, I liked it, occasionally, for a change and without fanaticism.
I want to try turquoise in better quality than VOV offers me.
Thanks for attention! Katya.

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