Jean's & just in my makeup bag

Recently, I see a lot of reviews on these brands and I also wanted to tell my opinion about some products. Caution, a lot of text and photos!

To start, I’ll tell you about the least impressive thing.
1. Jean's - Correction brush No. 017.
Nose correction brush, hoof. She disappointed me, she looked - not very, a lot of hair sticks out, and what is most unforgivable - she does not shade well. A shadow or powder lays down in a strip and it is no longer possible to shade it with this brush. I almost do not use it, occasionally I put shadows in the crease.

Price: about 200 r
Rating: 2
Now I’ll talk about the products that I liked more.
2. Jean's Case Magnetic Large.
I think everyone has heard of them. I really wanted him. It is filled with me a little (all hands will not get everything I want from the packages to get, and I plan to order more shadows). It’s very convenient and saves space, though I have it all in fingerprints and looks unpresentable, but I don’t show it to anyone). It seems to me that this is the only problem (although, perhaps, it’s just that I’m such a pig)).

Price: about 200 r
Rating: 5
3. Just - Compact powder Just in a shade of No. 20.
Definitely, my must - have, just a find for sculpting. Matte, does not give back to red, easily layered, well stewed, plus very economically consumed. You can achieve different effects: both a light, natural shadow, even on my fair skin, and a more saturated color. In general, my love)

Easy daytime option:

More intense:

And here, in addition to the cheekbones, the forehead and nose were adjusted (the nose, however, came out too intensely):

Price: about 300 r
Rating: 5+
4. Just - Just eyeshadow in shades No. 803, 260, 246.
I think everyone has heard about Just and Jean's shadows. I can undo that they differ greatly in properties, depending on the tone. I have three of them: 803 - light, with a golden shimmer, one shimmer remains on the eyelids; 260 - a matte warm brown, well pigmented, but on the eyelids (especially at the base) a red sub-tone comes out, which does not make me very happy; 246 - matte peach, to the tone of the skin, chalky, very showered and "dusting". In general, medium, but I will try to order other shades.

Price: about 100 r
Rating: 4
5. Just - Dry eyeliner in shade No. 02 + Jean's - Eyeliner brush No. 47.
Another must-have, even two) My eyeliner is dark brown, an excellent daytime option - it looks soft, but at the same time, expressively. It is very persistent, even if the eyelid begins to shine - it does not disappear anywhere, lasts all day, rain / snow withstands, but at the same time it is easily washed off with water. The only thing to apply is water. I usually spray the thermal brush on the brush (it’s possible in the eyeliner itself, but here it’s easy to part the “swamp”). A lot of water is not needed, the brush should be just wet, not wet, otherwise the eyeliner will begin to spread during application. I plan to order more green, purple and black (in short, collect all the colors except gray))
Now about the brush. I use it in tandem with this eyeliner (I tried it with gel, too, it is possible, but I have other brushes for it), it’s very convenient.

In makeup (under the eyebrow of shadow No. 803, and closer to the inner corner - No. 246, which completely merged with the skin tone):

Price: about 100 r
Rating: 5+
6. Jean's - Compact watercolor in shade No. 09.
I bought it as a basis for bright shadows and for all sorts of cute curls and other decorations) The color is saturated, it is well stewed, it lasts a long time. True, due to the fact that it is water-based, upon contact with water it can leak, even fixed by shadows. But since this is my first watercolor, I have nothing to compare it with.

Used as a base under the shadow:

Price: about 100 r
Rating: 4
I hope I am not tired - Masha, to me on the "you".