“There was nothing to do” or “Golden Rose matte velvet 105”

One evening I had nothing to do and I decided to experiment a little with manicure. I’ll make a reservation right away that I don’t pretend to be either neat or original (don’t throw a slipper right away), but in my opinion it turned out fun and on a Friday! My mood rises when I look at my hands, especially in the sun)!
What I used:Golden Rose mattr velvet 105
how much I do not like Golden Rose, but this one was pleasantly surprised! we didn’t succeed in dullness (there was something between), therefore I walked on top with a transparent top, but 2 layers turned out to be more than enough for a good coating, it dried in 10 minutes. so a lot of respect to him, I will try other colors. Photos taken on the 2nd day, while holding on)
and Rimmel 60seconds 415 instyle coral I think this varnish needs no introduction! excellent coating, dries quickly, keeps to death, plus stunning colors!
A couple of photos of what happened:
artificial lighting:

daylight (in fact, it could not convey its real color, it is more green and sparkling, here it’s gloomy "thanks" to the camera)

Price: Golden Rose - 100rub
Rimmel - 350rub
Thanks to everyone who read!

Alexandra (better on "you")

Watch the video: Merkusheva Alisa, There was nothing to do (October 2019).