MAC Pigment Color Powder Reviews

Hello everyone!
As you already understood from the name of the post with Ljubof pigments ...

I thought and read for a long time while I bought pigments, because I was afraid that this whole thing would crumble under my eyes. I never tried to buy the full volume, it just is not really possible to use the whole unless to enter the inheritance ...
And so I have the opportunity to buy Mac pigment by weight, the best option for me, the ability to purchase many shades for almost the price of one full version, one such jar is enough for about 25-30 times.
I want to immediately notice that I wear all the shadows and pigments on the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly color.
So that the post does not become infinitely long and tedious, I divided the "collection" into several posts and so the first 3 studios!
Gold Stroke # Heritage Rouge # Chocolate Brown

Gold stroke

The photo:


Detailed opinion:
Gold Stroke is a light brown pigment, even a nude in front of my eyes (it seems to me a little boring, there is no highlight), but for that it is very good to use it in discreet daytime makeup. The quality is not much different from its counterparts, it is less “oily”, lays down and doesn’t look uniform on the eyelid (in the photo I see it, but in real life it’s not so noticeable), it’s stewed well, it’s also worn without complaints all day until you wash it off .
This is not my favorite pigment.
Rating: 4

Heritage rouge

The photo:

in this make-up I used Frozen White as the base shade and darkened Heritage Rouge

Detailed opinion:
Heritage Rouge is a brown-burgundy shade, I really like it because of the color, I really love it without a memory! It lies evenly, it is perfectly stewed (you can shade it to nothing), it lives forever!
Pretty boy!
Rating: 5

Chocolate brown

The photo:

main shade of Chanel Ombre Essentielle 76 Liberty, darkened Chocolate Brown, Essens brown pencil and water white Mac pencil

Detailed opinion:
Chocolate Brown - chocolate brown, "tasty" shade, easy to use like the previous shade, is no different in quality of the higher.
Rating: 5
Price: 2,50€
Test period: 3 months
By the way, none of these shades crumble upon application, like ordinary pressed or baked shadows!
To be continued…
Many thanks to everyone who read it.
It is possible to "you"

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