My arsenal is against dryness and stretch marks. You give elasticity and hydration

Winter is over, but for me the topic of active hydration and nutrition of the skin remains more than relevant. I have very dry skin, and after pregnancy, stretch marks also appeared, my tone was lost, the skin on my stomach, chest and in some places on my hips became loose and, to put it mildly, ugly. I tried a lot of things, both expensive and frankly cheap, and Russian-made and foreign, and even my own. All this and can not be retold in one post. It’s necessary to start somewhere) I want to show you some of the funds that helped me to deal with all these problems just in the winter.

1. Body Milk Yves Rocher Expert Reparation Repair Lotion for Very Dry Skin
I liked everything about him. Both packaging and contents. The texture of saturated cream-milk, thick, but at the same time light, delicate, very slightly oily. Absorbed perfectly. The smell is also very gentle and warm, probably this is the declared shea butter) It saves me from the consequences of the heating season. It is absorbed very quickly, without creating an unpleasant film. I use it after a shower when all other procedures (massage of problem areas, for example) do laziness. Go to the shower in the evening after a busy day, and then spread them from head to toe - just perfect at bedtime, warms and soothes. Beauty in general.
To convey the texture with a photograph is unrealistic, of course, but still:
And the composition. I can’t say anything about him, because I don’t understand these wisdom. But I know that without parabens is good:
For the cold season, just a must have, for the summer it’s a bit greasy.
Period of use: a little more than a month
Rating: 5+
2. Garnier SKIN NATURALS Intensive Moisturizing Cream Milk Intensive Care
It was bought by accident because there was nothing else nearby, and I did not prepare in advance for the heating season. Very similar to Yves Rocher Expert Reparation milk in texture. Thick, non-spreading milk, more like a cream. It contains urea, which for me is just salvation from peeling. It is well absorbed, but after application it is necessary to wait before getting dressed (although it seems to me that for a long time, 5-10 minutes). Unlike YR, it creates a small film, which is understandable. Nevertheless, it does its job perfectly. That is why I decided to tell about it all the same. The smell is typical of Garnier’s, it can’t be described; it is a bit more harsh and persistent in strength than IR. The bottle also seemed uncomfortable to me, all the time I had to shake it with all my strength and shake it to squeeze at least something. thick remedy, it is doubly difficult to do. In general, I got this fact too, so I changed it to YR, although it may seem strange to someone)) I don’t use it for the body anymore. Often I smear their hands if there is no cream at hand.
Period of use: about three weeks
Rating: 4 (the product is very worthy, but I can’t put it anymore for long absorption, strong smell and uncomfortable bottle).
Well, now we move from the general to the particular. Stretch marks and skin tone.
3. ROOIBOS Tissue Oil
I fell in love with this Malyavka) Light oil, almost odorless. It is quickly absorbed. Convenient bottle with spray dispenser. Accidentally bought in "for soul and soul" and never regretted. Surprisingly, it was enough for more than half a year, though as a whole I rarely smeared with it, mostly only problem areas (stomach, chest, hips). It was written “against stretch marks” on the package, I cannot objectively evaluate this effect because I use everything in a row and at once, but the skin becomes more elastic and softens almost before our eyes. When you do everything to reduce the appearance of stretch marks (I'm not talking about removing), then one way or another the effect is not bad. And the main thing for me is no trace, sticky discomfort and smell. Miracle.
The composition also pleases:
Period of use: more than six months
Rating: 5+ (if I see it again, I’ll buy it right away).
4. Mary kay TimeWise Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion
The first impression was "wow"). The skin becomes firm and supple, it tightened well after three weeks of use (although I am very skeptical about this). I compared the photos before and after, but I will not dare to show you) The lotion is light and instantly absorbed. Leaves a film that disappears soon. I didn’t like the smell, it smells bad to me with a tan. The bottle is large (236ml.), With a dispenser, for me it is a big plus. The texture of the cream lotion, i.e. does not spread. I use it for massage, after massage, instead of massage of problem areas several times a week, I can’t do it more often, the smell and very uncomfortable (for me) film kill all the desire to go to bed with it.
Duration of use: + - month
Score: 5 for effect, 4 for smell and film
5. Oil against stretch marks Weleda / Weleda Schwangerschaft-Pflegeöl
I really like it. Almond oil, jojoba oil, oil from sprouted wheat, essential oils of lavender, sandalwood and orange, rose oil, frankincense and myrrh, arnica extract (it’s immediately clear how it smells) is a great combination for my skin tormented by dryness. I use it not only in problem areas, sometimes I smear the whole when well, it’s completely sad. I really liked the smell, although not for everybody, of course. It smells to all of the above immediately, when a little weathering I smell like jojoba oil and a little lavender. The texture of the oil is very rich, light green in color (by the way, the bottle is not plastic, but from thick dark glass). It is absorbed as it should be a mixture of oils, not quickly. According to the manufacturer, it does not contain synthetic flavors, dyes and preservatives, as well as mineral oil products.
As for the effect, I wrote above what it is. Once again I repeat that it is difficult for me to evaluate the result of this particular remedy because a lot of everything affects the condition of the skin, including regular workouts, healthy eating, body wraps, contrasting sharko shower. Over the past year and a half, I have decided to evaluate the result. It is unfortunate that there is no photo immediately after the birth of my son, but I will never forget these terrible centimeter-long violet-red tears. Now, I’m quite able to put on a swimsuit if I finally lose weight to my favorite size and become impudent
So, the life of the oil: about a year
Rating: 5+
6. Elastic gel to tighten the skin and reduce stretch marks Fitness body (Floresan cosmetic)
One of my latest acquisitions. I was very surprised for my price, and oddly enough, pleasantly surprised.
A kind of cream-jelly light pink flesh-colored, I clearly smell like a "star". It is absorbed heavily, the instructions say that it can be applied as a mask to problem areas. Well, I applied it on my stomach, sides and chest. Imagine my surprise when after 20 minutes I broke away from the beauticians, I realized that the skin on the stomach and sides completely “ate” the thick-clipped layer of this miracle gel. Only now all the pinkish dye (or not dye?) Remained on the surface, I cleaned it with a napkin. The skin after that became simply super, supple, soft, moisturized, smoothed out, stretch marks as if started to fade a little, I can’t even convey how comfortable it became. It feels like my skin has never “drank” before. Now I use it at least once a day (I just put it on problem areas or apply it in its entirety).

The composition could not be photographed. The manufacturer writes that the gel is a jelly from bottom silt (sapropel) of freshwater lakes and structural components of the White Sea algae - kelp and fucus, and also contains natural elastin.
Duration of use: almost two weeks
Rating: 5+ and even more
Thank you all for your attention. I apologize to those who are tired. I really wanted to be at least a little useful to those who know firsthand about the above problems.

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