Golden Rose Magnetic - a toy or ...?

I bought a friend for my birthday, but could not stand it and tried it myself)

Full name of varnish: Golden Rose Magnetic gray shade.
Detailed opinion: A friend had long wanted to buy herself, but in our city we did not meet with such a varnish before. Therefore, when I saw this joy at the Rospechat kiosk, I immediately bought it. Of the flowers, gray graphite and malachite were presented. I chose gray as the most neutral.
It is written on the package: shake well, apply with a thick layer, bring the magnet 3 mm for 5 seconds and Voila, get the strips) My magnet makes the strips vertical, horizontal and diagonal. I liked the diagonal most. On the first finger, of course, I stuck a magnet into the varnish with a magnet, but with the rest it turned out almost perfectly). I even tried to twist the magnet in different directions, to which the varnish showed me points of an indefinite shape. The stripes themselves are silver, it looks glossy, interesting. The varnish does not strip, it is applied easily. Now I’m sitting and thinking, maybe I’ll keep it for myself, and my friend should buy it.
P.S. Marigolds are now being treated, so short
On the middle finger, those same points)
Perfect nail with perfect stripes)
Application options (on the nameless again there were problems with the distance)

Price: 150 rubles
Rating: 5- (minus for choosing the optimal distance from the magnet to the nail)

Watch the video: Have fun with 10000+ magnetic ballsSatisfaction 101%& ASMR& (October 2019).