Korean Beauty: BB Cream Comparison

Hello, my darlings!
The wave of love (and dislike) for Asian cosmetics at us, at the Beautician, began a long time ago, but I, usually prone to various kinds of experiments, did not dare to try it on myself for a long time. But this winter, my skin decided to play with me and suddenly began to dry, so much so that no creams helped me, tonal dried even more and there was no end in sight. Then I decided - it's time!
I shoveled many reviews, tried to understand what I needed and acquired a few tubes and bottles. My first BB cream was the rather little-known Missha M Vita Blemish Balm BB cream Moisture. A pore-tightening mask, Zamian Gold Chocolate Pack, and handmade hydrophilic oil were purchased with him. I honestly tried to be objective and spent a month evaluating the condition of the skin - it became less inflamed - this is a fact. Dry skin noticeably decreased, it began to look more like normal. I thought it was more than good for a start, and decided to buy something else. Something has become Tonymoly EggPore Silky Smooth Balm pore grout. I really liked the base, but I decided to postpone it until a warmer time, because it matts my oily nose well. Next was purchased BB - Cream Skinfood Peach Sake BB cream 01. Here I was waiting for a huge disappointment. The cream is terribly yellow, dry, poorly distributed on my skin. I had to quickly dispose of it. But it seemed to me that the consumption of Missha was so great that I urgently needed to order another tube of magic cream, but I decided to continue the search and ordered Holika Holika Baby Bloom BB cream Moisture and, together with it, Etude House Brught & Soft Sleeping Pack. I waited for them, almost a month, and they ended up in my hands, with many probes, among which there were two representatives of Skin 79 - VIP Gold Super Plus BB cream and Snail Nutrition BB Cream. And now, three months after becoming acquainted with Asian cosmetics, I am ready to share my impressions with you and compare my “bibiki”.
I’ll start telling as I treasured the tubes. The first will be:
Missha M Vita Blemish Balm BB cream Moisture SPF 20 PA ++ - Bb - moisturizing cream with SPF 20 PA ++.

My impressions: this cream really moisturizes the skin, evens out the general tone and treats inflammation. After I started using BB cream, the number of inflammations and the duration of their maturation and healing decreased. This cream is available in one tone, with a pink tint that will not make you a pig, but only refresh your face. The texture of the cream is quite liquid, flowing, but in moderation, it is easily distributed on the skin, leaving a light aroma that quickly evaporates. The cream is very light and is unlikely to be able to hide serious problems, I did not strive for a strong disguise. The finish of the cream is natural - not wet, but not powdery - matte. Quite calmly, you can not cover it with powder on top. Persistence on my dry and normal skin - 12 hours, no longer walked. Withstands intense workouts in the gym.
Compared to Skinfood Peach Sake BB Cream 01. Missha - Left:

General and macro view with a drop of meteorites and MAC blush. It can be seen that he cannot cope with bruises under the eyes:

Rating: 4+, disguise is not enough, although for me it is not a decisive factor.
The second will be:
Holika Holika Baby Bloom BB cream Moisture SPF 25 PA ++ - Bb - moisturizing cream with SPF 25 PA ++.

My impressions: in terms of properties and texture, the cream is somewhat similar to Missha, too, light, pleasantly smelling, easily distributed on the skin, perfectly moisturizes. But still, they are very different. Firstly, disguise. This cream is much better at masking inflammation and dark circles under the eyes. It is enough to apply a second layer to problem areas - and everything is fine. Secondly, the finish. Holika Holika has a wet finish, requires fixing with transparent powder. Thirdly, the shade. More beige and natural compared to Missha. Me, pale-faced, he is a little dark. But I took it for the summer, so there is no particular problem for me. Resistance, too, at a height, did not carry him into the hall, but I think that he can do it.
Swatch versus Missha. Missha is again on the left:

Feathering. It can be seen that Holika Holika is darker:

Now on the face. Photo all after 6 hours (forgot to take a picture in the morning):

Rating: 5- for being dark.
The third will be Skin79 cream samplers:
SKIN79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream SPF 25 PA ++ - Bb - anti-age cream with SPF 25 PA ++.
I have probnichki, but they show the packaging of the full version

My opinion: I'm in love with him! For the summer, it does not fit at all, but in the cold season it will be my favorite - thick, but well distributed, the color suits me perfectly, it maskes redness well! A little wet finish, powder is easy to fix.
And on the face, the photo "before" (do not be alarmed!), "After" the general plan and macro:

SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB cream SPF45 - Moisturizing bb - cream with SPF45.

My opinion: slightly watery in consistency, with such a large SPF it should be suitable for the summer, but it seems to me that it will float away, give a very wet finish and if it is poorly shaded, it will not absorb, but will leave streaks on the face. At a temperature of 15 - 20 degrees Celsius, of course, it stays all day, but the nose glistens very much ... It’s also a little darker.
On the face it looks like this:

Ratings: 5 for VIP Gold Super Plus BB cream in winter and 4 for Snail Nutrition BB Cream
I want to note that I belong to people who love Asian cosmetics. I never paid much attention to the composition of the product, if it works. Today my skin says thank you to me and I can only use powder, but it’s more convenient and comfortable to apply Bbshka in the morning, moisturizing my skin and improving its appearance. Probably, I will no longer search for myself something new, I will use the above-mentioned creams.
Here is my story of acquaintance with Korean cosmetics. A little later I will write about the masks that I liked.
See you online again! :)

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