Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 Reviews

Detailed opinion: I have been fond of these shine for a long time, I’m already buying the 5th ... The first thing I want to pay attention to is the sticky shine! For someone this is unacceptable, but for me, on the contrary, wonderful! I don’t notice stickiness, as such, it can be called tight ... rather it doesn’t stick lips, it doesn’t form a white strip, and it is incredibly resistant to shine - it can stand for 5 hours quietly, only the gloss and shimmer disappear slightly.

It has solid advantages:
- It is applied to the lips evenly and without contour, does not spread beyond the lips, does not clog into folds,
- incredibly glossy, almost mirrored,
- lips do not dry, but moisturizes !, and even if there is peeling on the lips, this gloss will hide everything and make the lips perfectly smooth,
- the first 5 minutes are felt on the lips, after I forget about it,
- without smell,
- very persistent !,
- easily updated without first lip make-up removal,
- SPF15.
And one drawback for long-haired girls: in the wind, his hair sticks a little ...
Also a plus for me is that it has a very convenient sponge.

I have shade No. 14, an insanely beautiful juicy watermelon with a delicate golden shimmer (is it necessary to say that the shimmer on my lips is not at all noticeable ?!), it is enchantingly beautiful in the sun!
Swatch did in the afternoon under the most cloudless lighting, but still the sun could not be caught ...


More than three hours have passed:

Price: about 600 rubles.
Test period: about 3 years in general, this shade is a week.
Rating: fine!!!

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