Dior Addict Lipstick Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine Reviews

Good afternoon, beauties! ) Today I want to show you my new lipstick, the purchase of which I was inspired by the posts of beauticians))
The photo:

Detailed opinion: .
Lipstick oh how good! Indeed, it’s impossible not to fall in love with her, provided that the warm shades of lipsticks suit you
I have a whole arsenal of lipsticks of similar shades, but still I do not regret buying this beauty)). Lipstick, like all Addicts, fits perfectly on the lips, translucent, pleasant and soft to apply. About persistence, I think everyone has already heard it, it is not persistent. But I do not consider this a disadvantage, as I like to tint my lips throughout the day)). It has a pronounced shimmer that plays in the sun with colorful sparkles. Spangles are not felt on the lips, but give the lips a moist gloss. So let's look at her
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Daylight by the window

On the lips (in the sun)



The price is about 960 r with the maximum discount in Letual
Test period:
a week
Rating 5+
This lipstick added to my spring mood and perfectly revealed itself in combination with spring new clothes of my wardrobe.
Thanks for attention! I am Anna. It’s possible for you.

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