Special for Summer! Pupa Jeans n 'Roses Luminys Silk. Satin-Finish Baked Eyeshadow (04)

Good day!  
Today, on this beautiful spring day, I’ll talk about recently acquired shadows. Pupa from the spring collection Jeans n 'roses.
The collection attracted me immediately - I liked the pink and white jars and boxes so much) I bought a couple of products from this collection, I’ll tell you about the most beloved - about the shadows.
Everything is under the cut)

There are four shades of shadows in the collection: pink, blue, green-turquoise and brown. Everything is beautiful, but it was this complex shade, pink with a golden undertone, that attracted me more. A kind of duochrome. Beautiful ... The shade is called 04 peach rose

I don’t like the shadow-cakes of this brand at all, very loose. But recently, Pupa has got satin shades of excellent quality, like these.
They can be used wet and dry. The consistency of them is similar to baked shadows, but more compressed, soft and pigmented. Using them is a pleasure! I am generally pleased with the pupil’s shadows, especially the four of them, but these shadows are also in the same row with them.
Shades of delicate pink and peach with a golden tint, as evidenced by their name peach rose

Here you can clearly see the tint of pink in golden
You can come up with a lot of make-ups) I basically like to apply them all over the eyelid, and darken the crease with chocolate or bronze. They look great as one color for the entire eyelid with an arrow. It turned out to catch the ebb on the hand, but in front of my eyes, no matter how much I tried ... that's all that happened ...

Recently, something came up with the idea that I had wide-set eyes and I tried to apply a shade between the brown, which in the crease in the outer and inner corners, turned out to be a glare.

This collection made a very good impression on me and I consider it especially successful. It creates a mood, as they say) I bought it specially for spring-summer, when I want a beautiful tint in front of my eyes, shine, a combination with a tan) Do not bother with such a shade, put it on my eyelid, draw an arrow and go forward There are a lot of shadows for a long time and it pleases me more than ever) Persistence on my eyelids is excellent, I always apply shadows with a base. I'm going to play around and add more turquoise on the lower eyelid or a purple hue, it's time for experiments
In general, the shadows are excellent, I advise everyone)
Price: about 330 rubles with the maximum discount in Rive Gaucher.
Test period: 1 month
Have a nice weekend!