A-England Nail Polish Reviews

The real princess is always visible. In a special way to behave, according to our gaze and posture, even by turning our heads, we can confidently say that we have before us the person of royal blood.
The true breed is visible in the princess, and a bright artsy outfit is completely optional.

The color of the varnish is restrained, golden-bronze. Contains blue, green, gold, silver shimmer,
you can probably say that this is a scattered holographic.
The varnish is easy to apply, the brush is medium in size, very comfortable. Two layers are sufficient for good coverage.
Similar in structure and application to prismatic Nubar.
2 layers dry in 5 minutes. Keeps on nails without a top for 3-4 days, then begins to wipe.
There are no problems with removal, it is easily washed off with nail polish remover.
In the sun:
In daylight in the shade:
Artificial lighting:

Princess Sabra is beautiful, mysterious, restrained and sweet. Her royal beauty can be seen in the shade, but in the light she reveals her subtle, filigree beauty and appears before us in full splendor.
Rating 5+
The price is 9 pounds.

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