Varnish Pastel No. 82 and No. 83

Full name of varnish: Pastel
Detailed opinion: I’ll tell you about my favorite Pastel varnish. This Turkish varnish, I really like this varnish even more than flormar varnishes, it seems to me that this varnish looks better on the nails and the consistency of the varnish is better than that of flormar except that the color palette is smaller. The varnish is well applied, quickly dries 1 layer 1 minute in 2 layers up to 3 minutes. It is worn on the nails well stably from 3 to 5 days for more than 5 days. I don’t wear varnishes. The varnish has a beautiful glossy color. I am happy with these varnishes and will be happy to buy more new colors
Pastel No. 82

Daylight without flash

Pastel No. 83

Daylight without flash (nail polish second day)

Price: 2 lira
Rating: definitely 5

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