Dior Rouge Dior Rouge Serum Luminous Color Lip Treatment SPF 20 - Reviews

I am pleased to inform you that my long-awaited parcel from Strawberry came to me, and in it it was the most coveted. I read a lot about her here, so many laudatory reviews that I could not resist and decided to try it, and even chose a tone that was never described at the Beautician, so that it would be more visible. Here's what came of it

Here is a link to this magic lipstick in the Beauticians catalog.
And here’s a sfotkanny insert from my box:
Detailed opinion: Oh, she's just magical. I chose a color for a long time. I didn’t want too bright, but on the other hand, why not? I wanted something pink (and also red and raspberry), but not trivial. I wanted something romantic, spring, but also classic and passionate. In general, not a single shade fit this description better than this. So my choice fell on Garnet. More precisely on # 660 Grenat Serum (Pomegranate Serum).
Those who used it will understand me unconditionally, but those like me (“not-really-love-lipstick-in principle”) will say one thing - applying this lipstick on the lips is one of the greatest cosmetic pleasures of this world For the sake of this feeling and for the sake of the effect, for the sake of this radiance that she creates on her lips, I’m ready to forgive even her uneconomicalness and long-lasting durability (although it is tinted lightly and half-stroke - this is a secret to me, as an artist-artist). She has more pluses than minuses. She has SRF 20, and is absorbed gradually, does not clog into folds, and smells deliciously, having no taste on her lips, and what a luxurious packaging she has!
Let this lipstick become our little "pampering", our sweet whim, because it is so good ...

email light - not the tone is important here, but the effect of lip gloss:
And here is how she looks from afar:
(I like how it combines even with expressionless makeup and eye color)

Price: about 1200 pe on Strawberry
Test period: 2 weeks
How do you like it and this color?
I - Lena, to me on the "you".

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