Living legend. Himani. Boro-plus from Emami

Good evening.
Much has already been and much more will be written about the cream Himani. Boro plus from indian manufacturer Emami And yet I really want to tell my story, as well as together with you to find the answer to the question tormenting me.

Detailed opinion: This cream has been with me for a very long time. The whole family uses it.
He heals perfectly - I even smear his wounds with a dog (he is a lover of scratching at me and sometimes the combed place lasts for months, because heals - itches - he combs - it heals and itches again and so on in a circle) and in a week we heal everything.
Any crack, wound, inflammation passes with it many times faster.
And, in general, for the sake of what I started the whole post - recently Boro-plus helped me a lot. Starting in December, something unimaginable began to happen to the pens - the skin became very sensitive, I could not apply any cream - I tried Velvet pens, Green mother, Scarlet sails, Nivea in a blue jar ... all hands were covered with red spots, some (Nivei) they just went away later, some started burning. I understand what a dermatologist probably needs with this. And after that I found Boro-plus and after it the only hands felt comfortable. I was afraid that if it is allergic, then the natural components of the cream will aggravate, but no. And now for my hands only he is. Although it is not used economically, it is still impossible to use anything else.
soaked up
Price: 10 UAH
Test period: more than 5 years.
And now the question tormenting me ...
I didn’t pay much attention before, but recently I saw a photo of the composition of Boro-plus sold in Russia.
Photo from here
And now the composition of what I buy in Ukraine:
Why is there such a difference in composition ... The producer is the same, even if it is some kind, but mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulfate (why is it there at all? O_o) is not good, I was surprised by such a spread in components ...
No misters". Alice is me.

Watch the video: Himani Navratna Cool Talc Powder (October 2019).