La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour Cream Reviews

Today I want to lighten my post on La Prairie Eye Cream.
I always wanted to buy something of this brand, I opted for eye cream, I have been paying particular attention to this area of ​​the face lately, I'm 22, but the fact is that my face is arranged so that when you smile, wrinkles appear under the eyes, so they settled under my eyes for 16 years. I can’t say that I tried a lot of creams, basically they were just for moisturizing, and all the series aimed at combating wrinkles are marked with a minimum of +35, I didn’t want to resort to such leaving at 22.
After a long search and reading a huge amount of reviews, I decided to stay at La Prairie. Arriving at the store, I saw a kit that included a full-sized eye cream full name: La Prarie Celluar Eye Contour Cream and plus four more mini versions of the company’s products for the price of one cream, and the gifts act like a magnet on me, so I took it without hesitation

Well, now let's go directly to the cream:
I can note that the spoon in the set is not convenient for me, I do not use it.
What the manufacturer writes:
He struggles with dryness, which is the main cause of the appearance of deep and expression lines and other visible signs of premature aging. Nourishing and rejuvenating, it gently tightens and smoothes the skin, making it more elastic and radiant.
From me: Very light in texture, after application does not leave any greasy sticky film. The smell is very pleasant.
I completely agree with the manufacturer that the cream fights dryness and the skin looks healthy, of course it didn’t save me from wrinkles that had been with me since the age of 16, but for sure it made them no longer noticeable. I can note the economy, I use it for three weeks, in the morning and in the evening, but there is no visible decrease in the product. The cosmetics fit perfectly on him, so I'm happy with the purchase.
My mark: 5, price $ 125 + tax
Thanks for attention.

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