Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss Reviews

Good time of day, beauties!
I know that not all of us use network cosmetics, but what can I say, it’s not always good, but I’ve been using Mary Kay cosmetics for several years and I’m not even going to change it to something else. Today I will write to you about my small but very important palette, in which my favorite blush, brush and lip gloss fit.

In general, who does not know, pallets can be ordered separately. To be honest, how much is this pleasure now I will not say, but a couple of years ago I bought this one for 450 rubles. Now in a new design, the same size, it costs about the same. Further. I equip the interior myself. Now they live there Mary Kay Pink Porcelain Mineral Powder (Pink Porcelain), Mary Kay Mineral Golden Powder with a flickering Sandstone effect (Shortbread Cookies), Mary Kay Mineral Powder Brush and Mary Kay NouriShine® Lip Gloss Melon Sorbet Lip Gloss (Sweet Melon) .

The powder comes to me in this box:

The place for powder has a secret magnet and a convenient little thing, picking it up, the "settlers", without injuries, crawl out into your palm:

This is not the first time I've taken this brush. Nothing special, the pile rolls off very quickly, but the thing itself is of high quality and suits me.
Mary Kay Mineral Powder Brush:

Here are two powders living with me now. I don’t understand why they called them powder, in my opinion it’s blush and highlighter:

1. Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder in Pink Porcelain - Mineral compact powder in a shade of Pink porcelain.

My opinion: in the sun it's fabulously beautiful little blush! I put a light shade under the brow, on the upper part of the cheekbone and brighten the contour of the lips with it. I use pink as a blush, but this shade is more likely for blondes, so I don’t particularly disagree with it. Very often I wear this product like shadows. I really like!
Rating: 5+
Test period: year
2. Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powders in Sandstone - Mineral golden powder with a flickering effect in the shade of Shortbread cookies.

My opinion: these blush, all the same, like a powder dark, I put on the cheekbones, lightly. In my opinion, the blush is yellow and it doesn’t look very good on tanned skin, but just right for tanning. In the summer, during tanning, they will go to work fully! I tried to apply as shadows, my eyes seemed to be sick, in general, this option does not work in any way. Although, a dark shade, in principle, you can try to fold.
Rating: 4 (not quite what i was waiting for)
Testing period: two months.
And the last resident of my palette:
3. Mary Kay NouriShine® Lip Gloss in Melon Sorbet - Lip Gloss in the shade of Sweet Melon.

My opinion: varnish, glossy, beautiful, summer! And it smells like a melon. When I saw it for the first time, it seemed to me unusually gentle and pleasant. My favorite peach shade! I just apply powder, mascara, blush and this shine - and that’s it! I do not paint eyes. Shine in itself is good!
Rating: 5 (I love melon)
Test period: 8 years (this shade and this line)
And also, if you wish, you can pull out the blush from there and insert your favorite mineral shadows. They fit 8 pieces.
Thanks to everyone who mastered and read the post to the end!
Thanks for attention. Your lala.