Givenchy Prisme Foundation Reviews

Once, as usual, I looked into the local Letual, and about the gods, the powder of which I had dreamed for so long, stood on the stand where the sales were!

I rubbed my paws, picked up the narrowed one and rushed to watch the shades of the provided powder. It is clear that no one was waiting for me there, there was nothing left for me to choose but this shade. Well nothing! - I decided, and with my eyes closed I bought this powder already !!! for 1090 rubles!

Having opened the box at home, she simply sat and sniffed at first, it is clear that for me this shade was somewhat light, and as usual I thought to whom to give this bag, although it would hardly be possible or could sit by itself and smell it day and night. And then suddenly I remembered what it was suddenly ?, that I actually got a tan and now the bronzer lies on me like a highlighter. In short, the powder lay almost until winter, and since I can’t stand artificial ultraviolet and I do not use tanning, as soon as the snow fell, I began to not only smell my word, every day after work I sat with her in an embrace, but also finally then enjoy! Hooray!

I simply adore powder. I can certainly write a lot about smell, but girls I need to smell it, I have such a gentle, magical smell of roses, I even know the variety, but I can’t remember. I don’t know honestly, I read a bunch of reviews, many people write about some kind of inner light, there even light reflectors are so small that only in the sun they can be seen. It actually gives you just the perfect finish, light and weightless. I don’t need more from her. Of course, strong bulls will not hide.

A sponge was put in the powder, I personally do not need it, so I corrected them a couple of times when I left the brush at home.
And the bottom is leaky bottom, everything is aired))):

The powder is divided into four sectors, each of which has its own functions, for sculpting the face, but I use it as usual powder, or sometimes I go through the cheekbones with a dark shade.
Swatch shades from left to right:


Well, on the face. Sorry what is. I know a lot to hide))):

Only inflicted:

Here in 10-12 minutes:

Here in the last photo near my nose I took it, this is my problem place, very peeling off. As you can see, peeling is minimally visible, and even at a distance of the palm of your hand this is not visible at all!
The lightest one I tried, as the manufacturer suggested, to whiten under the eyes, this number did not go with me, the horror was drying! In short, the girl’s powder is excellent, I’ll soon run to buy a dark shade, because This year I want to not only smell this product, but also enjoy it to the full.
1. Lightweight, lightweight coating
2. Matting for 4-5 hours
3. Peeling does not emphasize.
4. You can choose an individual shade
5. Compact packaging, only 5 * 5 cm.
Grade: Of course 5++++
Testing period: from September 2011, actually from November, i.e. half a year.
Price: 2400 Letual, I am a little more than 1000 rubles.
Regards Lyalya.

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