Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Reviews

Hello girls!
Today I’ll talk about one very welcome purchase, from which I’m just crazy))

Detailed opinion: I wanted this eyeliner from the moment I got to the Beautician, but by that time it had already disappeared from all the cosmetic stores and I was just looking at the photos of the girls lustily and re-reading quite conflicting opinions about this little thing for the last ten times ...
Having familiarized myself with online shopping, I immediately ordered an old Wishlist in two shades at once, but only one reached me Brun dore... Having deployed the parcel at home, I tested it right there ... Morally, I was ready to show off, to poke in my eyes, to fuss a long time ... But that day the gods had mercy on me, I let my eyes down for a minute and was in seventh heaven)))
Let's take a closer look:

Quite an interesting little thing)) In the powdery texture of the eyeliner is a wand, which actually needs to be applied to the mucous membrane ... It's very simple: I put a wand on the inner lower eyelid (after shaking off the excess powder on the neck, otherwise it will crumble) and close my eyes, put the wand back and forth , I open my eye ,,, voila, the eye has failed! By God, there’s no more convenient thing to come up with))

The eyeliner is very (!) Persistent, during the day I never update it before my eyes ... It’s not going to the inner corner of the eye, as is the case with pencils. You can also draw around the eye contour and use it like shadows, but I rarely do it ... This shade is very beautiful! My beloved brown with a gold shimmer, which, of course, does not pour anywhere ... In the sun - a bomb! The look is deep, practical, oriental ... I am not a fan of oriental make-ups, for me it’s so funny for a Russian fair-skinned, bright-red-haired young lady to draw oriental eyes on a pale face (to myself!))

It can be easily removed with any wash, but then the bishop appears in the inner corner of the eye ...

Eye + shadow:

Eye + shadow + Terracota:

Eye + shadow + Terracota + mascara (ends already, do not pay attention):

I apologize for the red eyes, I do not get enough sleep chronically ...
And here is the durability: the eyeliner was applied at 7 in the morning, and the photo of the eye was taken at 4 in the morning (almost never a day was updated):

It doesn’t look like ice, of course, but you’ll remember, 21 hours have passed ...
I would be glad if my post is useful))
Thank you all for your attention)

Test period: 1 month.
Price:1100 rubles
Rating: 5+++++

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