Lipstick and shine from Revlon

Today I want to tell and show Revlon lipsticks and lip glosses. For some reason, I dearly love this brand, I myself do not know why ... There will be a lot of pictures, so if you're interested, come in!

Perhaps I’ll start with my last purchase:
1. Revlon super lustrous lip palette - Super Lustrous series of moisturizing lipsticks.
She took it not so much for herself as for work (yes, I begin to work as a makeup artist on the sly) The colors in it are different, but mostly neutral. I think most are suitable for day and wedding makeup. But that's another topic. In the meantime, swatch (a lot of swatch)
For convenience, I numbered the colors. No matter how I tried, the colors in the palette are not very similar to myself (to blame, please forgive me). On the lips, the colors are more realistic.

So, I’m starting ...
1. Silver city pink Super Lustrous - moisturizing lipstick in a shade of Silver city pink.
Light pearl pink shade for teenage girls, I would say ... Or for a tender blonde

2. Blushed - Moisturizing lipstick in a Blushed shade.
Warm brownish - caramel shade with light mother of pearl
3. Caramel glace is a moisturizing lipstick in the shade of Caramel glace.
I do not agree with the name. The previous one is more like caramel, but this one is more bronze.
4. Love that pink is a moisturizing lipstick in the shade of Love that pink.
Very nice color, bright, summer!
5. Pink in the afternoon - a moisturizing lipstick in a shade of Pink in the afternoon.
My favorit! I love these colors!
6. Sassy mauve is a moisturizing lipstick in a shade of Sassy mauve.
Cold pink-lilac shade, perfect for a brunette with brown eyes
7. Softsilver rose is a moisturizing lipstick in the shade of Softsilver rose.
Rose with mother of pearl
8. Rum raisin is a moisturizing lipstick in a shade of Rum raisin.
Warm winter shade
In general, I like this palette. Conveniently, 8 shades are collected in a small box with a large mirror. The texture is creamy, almost not felt on the lips. There is no smell. Pigmentation is average. It is applied gently, but when layered, the lipstick behaves ambiguously - leaves bald spots ... But in one or two layers everything is fine! The brush is ordinary, but pretty good. The resistance of lipsticks is small, they are erased from the lips quickly and without a trace. It feels slightly moisturized, there is definitely no feeling of dryness.
Rating 4+
I bought it in Duty free, I have not seen it in Moscow yet.
Next up are the two sparkles bought in Letual. I’m not very happy with them - sticky, flow into all the folds, in general brr ... But I chose them for their colors! Especially the first ... it's something!
1. Revlon lipgloss # 170 Coral reef - Lip gloss in shade # 170 Coral reef.

I fell in love with him at first sight! I hoped that I would "wear" it in the summer, with a tan (just in recent holidays, I actively and exploited it). I forgive him all the shortcomings, of which he has many, I just like the color - delicate coral with a glossy shine

The texture is sticky, felt on the lips. Gives a visible gloss. Holds for about an hour, then begins to fade. The smell is sweet, unobtrusive.
Rating 3+ (per color)
Price: about 250 rubles
2.Revlon lipgloss # 150 Peach petal - Lip gloss in shade # 150 Peach petal.

This shine also captivated me with its milky shade, which was supposed to lie on the lips with a light veil. But immediately flowed into all the folds, moreover, unevenly (((Hard to apply (coral is more accommodating in this regard), very sticky and uncomfortable on the lips! I won’t use it.

The opinion is the same as about his brother. The texture is sticky, felt on the lips. Gives a visible gloss. But it holds on the lips a little less than coral - about half an hour. The smell is sweet, unobtrusive. It is extremely difficult to apply.
Rating: 2
Price: about 250 rubles
The Revlon brand still appeals to me. They have both successful and not quite successful products. I will continue to buy, try new things.
Hopefully not too tired of the long post? If you get to the end, thanks !!! Good luck to all!

Watch the video: NEW Revlon Shine Formula Lipsticks- Lip Swatches (October 2019).