Two products of the professional brand Elemis that pleased me

Hello girls!
As we all already know, each brand has successful and unsuccessful means. In one of my posts, I already wrote about the means of the English professional brand Elemis. The face treatments described last time I didn’t really like. Today we will talk about two care products that made a pleasant and very pleasant impression on me.

1. Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser - Pro-Radiance Cleanser
From the manufacturer: This luxurious cream of a new generation deeply cleanses and rejuvenates, restoring skin smoothness and radiance.
The refreshing aroma of sweet Brazilian orange, lavender, ylang-ylang and patchouli gently envelops the skin of the face, and valuable plant extracts cleanse and intensively moisturize the skin.
Moringa oil protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by the harmful effects of the environment, and also provides clean and fresh skin throughout the day.
Natural burdock root helps balance the skin, while Noni fruit and Asai fruits are known for their high levels of antioxidants.
Makeup and impurities are gently removed, leaving the skin radiantly youthful.
Suitable for any skin type.
My opinion:
The bottle has a convenient dispenser, the amount with one press is enough for washing. The cream has a thick consistency, but is easily distributed over the face.

I don’t smell any ylang, oranges or other tropical animals ... Strange ... For my nose, it’s more like a medicinal smell, but not nasty. The manufacturer recommends applying to dry skin, wait 1-2 minutes until you feel warm. I was a little worried that the cream would warm, but this is not advisable for me - the vessels are fragile. As practice has shown, I was worried in vain. I apply, I wait, but I do not feel warmth, only tingling. I rinse thoroughly with water, here I have to try, the cream resists and does not wash off quickly. Cleans well, but not to squeak. What I like is that the skin does not dry at all, but on the contrary, the skin is soft and even moisturized.
I hope the manufacturer does not lie, and the product has antioxidant and other protection and at least a small anti-age effect.
In general, my skin liked the cream.
The price of the full version is 150 ml - £ 27.60, but I got a mini version of 30 ml as a gift for the promotion.
Rating: 4 (for difficulty with washing off and tingling sensations)
The term of use is 3 weeks.
2. Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner - Soothing Apricot Toner
From the manufacturer: Apricot extract soothes and harmonizes the balance of the skin, gives a feeling of freshness and a radiant look. The tonic is very gentle because it does not contain alcohol.
The basis of the tonic is the flower of Mylnianka - a plant known as a natural alternative to alcohol.
It improves skin tone, moisturizes and restores pH balance.
Ideal for very sensitive and delicate skin.
My opinion:
This tonic is just lovely and my love. Pleasant smell, tones and refreshes like no other of the ones I have tested before. The skin does not dry. Helps wake up in the morning. Convenient spray like spray. 2 clicks are enough to soak a cotton pad well.
In my opinion, this wonderful Elemis is suitable for any type of skin. I have combi-skin, oily T-zone, other parts of the face with normal and sometimes prone to dry skin - the tonic came up with a bang! There was a period when the skin was very sensitive, and this tonic calmed and did not provoke new redness.
The tonic can also be used as thermal water to refresh the face, spraying is quite small. It is also useful for compresses on the eyes: apply on a cotton pad and leave for 5 minutes. The skin rests and relaxes, the tonic relieves fatigue and leaves an amazing feeling of freshness.
The skin is happy, the soul sings! Great tool!
Price: £ 19.40
Rating: 5+
Duration of use: 3 months.

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