Green hints - simple summer makeup

Hello girls!
The weather seems to begin to please us with the sun and warmth, so, while I had half an hour to rest, I decided to experiment with my bright shadows :-)

I beg…

So, let's begin. For this makeup we will need light green shades, shades of aquamarine color, bronze eyeliner (I have shadows), mascara.
Makeup is very simple in execution :-)
1. We put the base, prepare the eyebrows, standard :-)

2.Apply light green shadows to the moving eyelid.

3.We glue the adhesive tape diagonally, apply turquoise shadows to the border with the fixed eyelid.
Now I see from the photo that the transition was not smooth out well.
4.I add some golden shadows to the inner corner.

5.Without removing the tape, draw the oblong arrow in bronze color (eyeliner or shadows). Also along the water line, shading along the ciliary border.

6. Apply mascara.

Everything! Makeup done :-)

We get:

Semi-image by tradition:

I think the make-up is not very successful, apparently because I don’t really like it without a contrasting black eyeliner, but here such a change ...
Thank you all for your attention!
Have more sunny days. :-) Vika.

Watch the video: Neon Green Glam Makeup Tutorial I Aylin Melisa (October 2019).