Pink for spring

I'm not at all a fan of pink in clothes, accessories and nail polishes, but pink for lips is still a classic no less than red or nude. And since the long-awaited spring has finally arrived, in this post I decided to show and compare my brightest and most juicy pink lip glosses that combine so well with the spring mood and the sun ...

First a photo of bare lips, of course:

1. Essence: Glossy lipbalm, # 05 berry sorbet.
Hue: In the tube - saturated bright pink with a slightly cold tint, on the lips - translucent pink with lots of silver, pink and bluish shimmer. The shimmer, although not large, is very noticeable, as if grainy. On the lips, the color falls much less brightly, translucently, and due to this, it is not completely uniform, somewhere brighter, somewhere paler, on the macro it is very noticeable. Gives a good even gloss.
Smell and taste: Saturated berry smell, slightly sweet taste.
Packaging: An ordinary tube with a beveled edge, which is quite convenient to apply such a texture, although I do not like this form of gloss - the edge is dirty, not aesthetically pleasing and not too pleasant.
Texture and finish: It is quite thick and sticky (stickiness is especially felt if the lips are tightly closed), it does not flow out of the tube itself, you need to press on it. It is not distributed very easily on the lips, stickiness during application is clearly noticeable.
Features of socks: Either because of the thick texture, or because of the smell and taste, but somehow, the gloss on the lips is felt and not too pleasant. Objectively speaking, the lip skin seems to be comfortable under the gloss, and after the gloss it does not seem dry - apparently, it is not for nothing that it is listed as “balm”, balm, there are some caring components, for example, castor oil was found in the composition . But subjectively - I do not use it often, for me the gloss is too palpable on the lips - I suspect that the strong smell (which remains even after time after application) and the taste of gloss are to blame. By the way, it is possible that I did not like the “berry sorbet”, because in this series all the shades have a different smell (cherry, strawberry, melon and so on).
Durability: Holds on the lips for a long time, due to the density, disappears gradually - it weakens and so dim and the gloss disappears slowly. It may roll into a strip, or it may not.
Made in Italy.
Volume: 8.5 ml
Price: 60.
Rating: 3+, that is, slightly better than satisfactory, because for its price it is not bad, but not at all impressed, moreover, the uneven distribution of color and the grain size of the shimmer did not like.
Swatch. Hereinafter, all the gloss is applied to bare lips without a balm and without a pencil.
Daytime Cloudy Lighting:

Artificial lighting:

2. Yves Rocher: Couleurs NaturePlumping Sheer Gloss # 01 framboise /
Yves Rocher: Cooler Still Mirror lip gloss Intensive Volume, shade of Raspberry.

Hue: Warmer pink, with notes of red, really raspberry. Color - less transparent than the first, denser. Very, very small silver shimmer, which is almost invisible on the lips. Gloss lies rather simply as a varnish, but with a loose color. Alas, although the color is less transparent, it still looks uneven on the lips, and the color even collects in the folds of the lips, this gives out completely the macro.
Smell and taste: The shine actually smells like raspberries (chemical) and a little menthol. Tasteless, but menthol is felt.
Packaging: I have a mini version, a full-fledged tube looks different, but in both cases it’s not an applicator, but a convenient small brush made of synthetic pile with a round base. For such a thick texture, such a brush, in my opinion, is much more convenient than a sponge. But a perfectly even color distribution is still difficult to achieve.
Texture: Also very thick and rather sticky.
Features of socks: Some time after application, the lips begin to noticeably cool, although the promised increase in volume is not observed at all. Lies comfortably. But over time, the color difference in different parts of the lips can become more noticeable, especially lip folds, because the shine seems to flow slightly, and somewhere the color is brighter, and somewhere paler, in general, the same minus as the shine No. 1.
Durability: Better than the previous one, color and gloss last longer, but I can’t wear it for a long time, due to the fact that over time it emphasizes folds more and more, I also don’t like the smell.
Made in Italy.
Volume: 2.5 ml miniature and only 5 ml full volume.
Price: for the full version of 590 rubles.
Rating: 4-.
Daytime Cloudy Lighting:

Artificial lighting:

3. Gosh: Light'n Shine Lip Glaze, # 08 new hot pink.
Hue: Beautiful translucent pink floral shade. A very interesting texture - there is a very fine silver shimmer, and larger blotches, like tiny pieces of mica, shimmering in different colors - blue, green, golden. Due to this, incredibly beautiful shimmers on the lips. By the way, it lies on the lips in an even layer, there is absolutely no problem with the uneven distribution of color, as in the first two glosses.
Smell and taste: Light sweet smell, pleasant. Gloss is absolutely tasteless.
Packaging: A rectangular tube with a mirror on one side (which is very convenient) and a backlight built into the cap. I already showed the shine from this series in a different shade (by the way, these two shades from the same series have the same texture), I wrote in detail about such an innovative design ... But! When I bought this shine, it was sealed in film, and when I opened it for the first time, I found that the flashlight does not turn on, something clicks in the cap and the light does not light up, apparently, the defective was caught. In the tube - not a sponge, but a brush, very comfortable.
Texture: Medium stickiness, less sticky than the previous two glosses, effortlessly and evenly distributed on the lips.
Features of socks: It is very comfortable and looks beautiful, the shade is uniform, does not disappear anywhere and does not flow
Durability: It lasts for a long time, disappears gradually, the gloss decreases, gradually absorbs into the lips, leaving their skin moisturized. Without problems, I update it directly on top of the previously applied (the benefit of the mirror on the package and the backlight allow this to be done on the go). No white stripes at the junction of the lips!
Made in Denmark.
Volume: 6 ml
Price: about 600 rubles.
Rating: 5 with a huge minus for the flashlight, the price is not small, in my opinion, defective bottles should not be allowed to sell.
Daytime Cloudy Lighting:

Artificial lighting:

4. Rouge Bunny Rouge: Lip Gloss Gleaming Temptations, # 040 smother me with kisses /
Rouge Bunny Rouge: Lip Gloss Indiscreet Pleasures, shade 040 Kissed.

Hue: Bright pink with an iridescent microshimmer of a warm golden-pink color, which gives the shade an overall warmth, with a small splash of another shimmer, multi-colored. A very beautiful and interesting finish is obtained on the lips - a radiant color, iridescent and voluminous, pink with a warm golden coral hue, and individual sparkles are completely invisible. At the finish, the gloss is a little less glossy than the previous ones, but this is due to the texture. I really like the way he looks on his lips, especially in the sun (unfortunately, in the sun it turned out to make swatches only on his hand, they will be at the end of the post
Smell and taste: The smell is light floral, not too noticeable, the taste is completely absent.
Packaging: Unlike everyone else, it is sold packaged in a box with a signature black and white floral pattern. The bottle itself is simple in shape with a floral pattern. In general, I like the design of this brand, stylish and concise at the same time. Applicator is a convenient small sponge.
Texture: Very different from the textures of all the other glosses, completely non-sticky, pleasant and comfortable, very easily distributed on the lips.
Features of socks: Due to the non-sticky and light texture, wearing this shine is very nice, almost like a light balm. For my lip skin, this gloss is absolutely comfortable, there are obviously skin-care properties. In my opinion, this is just a must-have for those who do not like sticky and very noticeable shines. For me personally, this is now one of the most often used bright shines, and I will definitely buy some other shade.
Durability: Medium, disappears gradually and imperceptibly, no color unevenness and, especially, white stripes. You can easily tint your lips.
Made in Italy.
Volume: 7 ml
Price: 800 rub
Rating: 5+.
Daytime cloudy lighting (in the following photo, the brilliance was transmitted as reliably as possible):

Artificial lighting:

Comparative photo - the chamfered edge at Essence shine, brushes at Yves Rocher and Gosh shine, sponge at Rouge Bunny Rouge shine:
Comparative swatch on hand in the same order: Essence, Yves Rocher, Gosh, Rouge Bunny Rouge.
In the shadow:

In the sun:

Have you changed the "wardrobe" for the lips in connection with the onset of spring?

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