My varnish Kiki nail lacquer 300

Varnish for Barbie, who cares, I ask for a cut

Today I remembered about my favorite spring varnish, just summer is the sun, and I want bright shades. I bought it spontaneously enough, approached, took the first color I liked and ran home. In the varnish is not disappointed. It is thin, perfectly applied without any bubbles there. In one layer it looks somewhat transparent, I still put in 2 and cover with a fixative. I have this Severina, so the varnish lasts about a week. But I'm a lazy housekeeper
It is also written that the varnish contains protein, if anyone is interested
In a bottle of 15 ml, enough for a long time.
Sequin does not contain.

here I tried to catch it shining, like gloss.
Price:: up to 200 rubles

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