My first product from TianDe Baked eye shadow City Chic No. 02

They gave me these shadows for the New Year:
These are my first baked shadows and the first from TianDe. For 3 months, my opinion about them has developed, so please.
Impression: shadows are easily typed with a brush, well pigmented. I always wear with a base (Vivienne Szabo), hold from morning to late evening, do not crumble. I did evening makeup with them, applied in a wet way - it turns out very brightly and elegantly. For 5 hours they did not fade and remained in their original condition. In everyday makeup, she wore purple (6.8), gray (5), and golden (9). White (2) fits perfectly under the eyebrow. Green (3.4) only as an evening I can, because I don’t think that they suit me. Where to use the rest (7.1) - I don’t even know. The one in the center was probably supposed to be a bronzer, but where to wear it?
Well typed on the brush, pretty well stewed. You can adjust the application intensity. In a wet way, you can draw both arrows and evening make-up.
Conclusion: I liked the shadows.
Now look:

In the sun

Even without a base, they are well applied.
In the shadow

Indoor with flash

No flash to show texture

And the composition

Price: about 90 UAH ($ 11)
Test period: 3 months

Watch the video: Cdot Honcho - 02 Shit Dir. by @ColeBennett (October 2019).