Help! Help identify the color type, please

Hello everybody!
Right to the point - all the way I considered myself a summer type, I emphasized ashy and gray with all my might. But recently I began to notice some kind of “warmth” in the photographs ... or a golden tint in my hair (maybe bronze and then back in the “summer”?). Spring? Not?
Frankly warm tones of cosmetics on the face are given naturally to the "brick". But at the same time, I am beige. A "fly", it seems as it should not ...
In general, help, please :)
Further many photos in different colors. I have never dyed my hair color. Eyebrow eyelashes too. In general, all still life)

(this is about bricks)

(grayish-pink, as expected "fly")

(and black doesn’t seem to be allowed to us ...)

Help dispel doubts, please :)

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