Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color Reviews

Hello everyone!

I have a good mood and I decided to write a post about my "Far Light"

A bit of background.
I read a lot of posts about High Beams at the Beautician, but this product still did not really impress me. His swatch on his hands are clearly visible, and it is difficult to catch anything on his face. Yes, and a conflicting opinion about him did not move me to buy. Also, I did not have the opportunity to test it in the store to understand whether I need it or not.
The "word" turned out to be decisive for me to one of my good friends who simply said that the High beam was the Thing, and I trust her words.
After that, I decided at all costs to get this cute little thing.
I am still not “traveling” and the RG is far from me, and it’s not a fact that the High Beam will be available there, I heard that it is very elusive. In general, I used the services of an online store, thank you very much))). A month of waiting and now I have it - "my charm"
Detailed opinion.
Arriving home with the package, I immediately opened it and began to try
What can I say, the Far World made me very happy, well, just very, very
I don’t think that my opinion is any different from the opinion of the majority of Beauticians who have this Svetik in their arsenal.
The case is black, stylish, glossy. Opens "to the fullest", a large mirror, you can look.
Here he is.

I really liked the brush: soft, comfortable, I use it. Here she is.
Blush is gaining very well, then I ran through them once.
You can also use such brushes: F 40 and E 40 (well under the eyebrow) from Sigma.
The texture of the blush is very soft, delicate. They are typed well, from one touch of the brush (as I have already shown).
Sequin, no shimmer (yes you already know that).
On the face gives a very beautiful satin glow, which can be caught with a certain angle and lighting.
I immediately applied it to the cheekbones, under the eye and under the eyebrow ... I will say that the difference with half of the face that was not painted on by Svetik was also very noticeable. My first thought was "Hooray, it WORKS!"
The appearance immediately becomes so light, the skin of the face is sleek and well-groomed. I will try to convey its effect on swatch.
That's what DS looks like if you put it on your fingers and shade it on your hand.
Face with powder, daylight and the sun.
Added blush Chanel Joues Contraste 68 Rose Écrin + DS under the eye.
Also daylight + sun.
Then added DS just above blush.
In the sun.

In my opinion, the High Beam itself is not very visible in these photos, but the effect is visible.
For those who want to admire the DS itself on the skin, I spread it. Here is the powder + DS on the cheekbones and under the eyebrow.

Price: 48 dollars with delivery.
Term of use: 15 days.
Thank you for stopping by, reading (I hope))), watching.
Anyone who is considering taking it or not, I advise you to TAKE! A cool thing, the more I heard from the edge of my ear that they were kind of going to take it out of production.
Saida, to me on "you"

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