Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner Reviews

I found out about this miracle pencil here at the Beautician. And I realized that I needed him! He is my savior, he is the black king of my makeup bag! For his services to my eyes, I am ready to sing him odes and write posts! So, the hero of my creation today is a waterproof black pencil from the wonderful Chanel house! As you already understood, I am in love with this product and I consider it very, very worthy! Retractable pencil. Behind (in the ass) has a small sharpener True, it has to be sharpened every time, because the pencil is plump and soft, it dulls quickly. Sharpening needs to be done carefully. Once, through negligence (in a hurry), she broke off a piece almost a centimeter long. It's a shame. The line draws gently without scratching or stretching the eyelid. It does not cause irritation (and I like to paint over the line between the cilia and with some pencils my eyes begin to watery). You can make thick and thin arrows with neat ponytails. His color is black, without any shades of gray, green or any other left palette. And the most important advantage of this liner is its durability! He clings to the skin like a glove and sits until you drive it away by special means. Moreover, surprisingly, flaws in fresh make-up can be corrected! What is also a definite plus! Now let's see the swatch, confirming its durability. So I drew kaki malyaki on their hand Now all this art has come under the serious pressure of water! After a shower, I REALLY rubbed it with my fingers!Then I STRONGLY rubbed it with a dry cotton pad and the "drawing" began to lose shape:And then I put a control shot with a liquid for removing non-durable makeup (Dior):
Mr. Dior killed my art, but he aimed anyway for a long time, because you can observe the redness on the skin from friction ... Like that. Next, look at the performance of the pencil directly on the eyelids. 7 am (only pencil applied):
20:00. Eye makeup during the day has not been corrected NEVER (the pencil arrow is slightly shaded by the shadows, so it may seem blurry):
The line is where it belongs! For me, this is nonsense, because usually all of my lower lines float into the crease on the lower eyelid, and the upper arrow is smeared (during the day I laugh and smile a lot) I used to save myself with liquid eyeliner (over the pencil line), and now I use it sometimes to give a varnish shine or to create tiny arrows and tails.
Price: about 800 rubles. in summer
Rating: 5!
Duration of use: about a month
Fuh ... mastered this post! Hope it will be helpful for someone! Thank you for your attention. I am Alina, to me on "you".