Beauty at your fingertips or my nail corner

Good day, dear ladies!
Today I decided to show my manicure products, tell me what I use and show hand care.

I have been wearing gel nails for several years, so I don’t have any means to care for the nail plate, however, as well as leveling bases for varnish and other attributes of natural nails ... So:
1. Means for daily care.

This is a hand cream. I use it every time after washing my hands. In the bag is always some kind of mini-version of the cream. I have been buying ORLY Rich Renewal for a very long time. I love it for its dense texture and awesome aroma that lasts for a very long time ... I also have Estee Lauder Body Performance Smoothing Manicure / Pedicure Treatment. It moisturizes very well, it is enough for a long time and the volume is convenient for storage at home. In a transparent jar, hand cream "Vanilla" from Fresh Line. Organic natural cosmetics with a short shelf life. I bought it for the first time. I really liked the effect and smell, but using from such a jar is not very convenient.
2. This is what I use before a manicure.

On the picture:
- a tool for removing the cuticle (although before that it took a very long time to cut the manicure, which I regret very much, the cuticle is very dry and must be removed almost every other day).
- nail polish remover, buy any and all. I try to take with a convenient pump.
- degreaser for nails. I use it immediately before applying the varnish, it allows the varnish to stay longer on the nails. But on the gel, and so everything keeps for a long time ...
- cuticle oil. I have been buying INM for a long time. Others have not even tried.
3. Nail files, tweezers, nippers, brushes. I attach gel nails every time before applying varnish, so I have a lot of files.

4. Tools for nail design. Stickers, stencils, spangles, brushes ... I use them extremely rarely. But in my arsenal I still have ...

5. And now the most favorite is varnishes, there are many varnishes, especially Chanel'ek.

Chanel'ki I store separately. in a periodically “leaving” box from under the sofa)))

6. Coatings. For a long time I used Dior Top Coat. They cover any even the most glossy varnish. They are consumed very quickly. I bought INM for the last time (I’m very happy with it):

And what do you use and how do you store manicure products?
Thank you all for your attention and beautiful nails to you!

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