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Dior Diorshow Liner Waterproof Reviews

Mom flew away on vacation and I asked her to buy an eyeliner in Duty Free. (She knew that she would still wander aimlessly between the stands) ... Anyone! The main thing is to gray-blue and with a shimmer. Who cares what came of it - you are welcome to cat.

And so, he appeared in my cosmetic family. Namely, Christian Dior Diorshow Liner Waterproof # 178 marine / navy. At first I was even glad to him, a beautiful package, a convenient twisting mechanism, quite familiar.
Here is how the manufacturer represented it: Dior's newest Diorshow Liner Waterproof eyeliner intensely emphasizes the contour of the eyes. The convenient form of packaging in the form of a handle with a retractable shaft, as well as ultra-light texture and a specially balanced formula provide ease of application, incomparable clarity of lines and long-term durability.
Ahem, about the ultra-delicate (actually traumatic-tender) texture later ...
Before the swatch begins, I immediately apologize for the atopic skin on my hands and macro-macro photos with all the anatomical details. (But the product under test can be closely examined :))
When I first applied to my hand, I gasped - bah! The color of my dreams. It is gray-blue and it is with a shimmer, as I requested. It is applied immediately, does not show off, lays well, although it seemed to me a little dry. But its shade and unobtrusive gleam forgave all over again.
First photo. Daylight, the angle is clearly sharpened, 90 degrees to convey saturation.
Further a little at an angle to convey its radiance and nuances of the shade.
Ah, he is persistent with us !!! We rub a little bit with a slobbery finger:
And now with the electric light - let's try to consider the shimmer.
Gorgeous at first glance, right?
But when the time came for him to appear on my centuries, where all the chic and gone. The following is a photo report of the futile endeavors — the hyphen — of suffering. To achieve even this modest result, I snagged my eyelid (you can’t say otherwise) for 10 seconds leading them in the same place. (Photo first without carcass, so as not to distract)
The pinkness of the eyelids is the result of scratching the application :( Yes ... The dryness that appeared on the hand then was confirmed many times. He is very, very uncomfortable in applying, scratches and pulls the eyelid - it’s sad and sad. (It’s after the soft Gerlen that I probably relaxed) But the mice, cried, injected, and then you know ...
Further with mascara already:
Wow, the sparkles are already falling off, and after all, only 18 seconds have passed since the application! And on the upper eyelid imprinted ... Here you have the Dior Show. The show turned out to be sad.
You too, as I see these pieces and frauds? :) Or does it seem to me?
But we must pay tribute to him all the same for persistence. Of course, I don’t often revise the Titanic and Autumn in New York, but the Moscow wind helps to “test” cosmetics for durability. But, you must admit, this is not enough to fall in love with a pencil, which first hurts you, and then holds on for another 8 hours and with every cursory glance in the mirror you recall this morning torture :)
This is how we look after 7 hours:
Everything is sad somehow, girls :)
Rating: 3 (not count, because the color is cool, the shimmer is chic, and the durability is again)
Price: about $ 25 in duty free
Test period: 2 weeks
I am Lena. To me is always the "you".

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